Anatoliy Semenovych Kutsenko

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Anatoliy Semenovych Kutsenko became a Real Member of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences and the 1st Assistant to the Head of Economics and Management Department in 2003, 7th of April. He was born in 1940, 28th of May in the city of Cherkasy, and has Ukrainian citizenship. His education background: Kyiv Polytechnic University, specialty - radio engineer; the Institute of National Economy Management, the Council of Ministers of the Ukrainian SSR; Doctor of Economics. The Head Engineer of the trust “Ukrzvyazokbud”, the 1st Assistant of the Head of production company  “Ukrzvyazokbud”, the Head of concern “Tel’kom”, the Close Corporation  “Tel’kom”,  a collegium member of the Ministry of communications and informatization of Ukraine. He is the Co-Head of the Pechersk Cultural Fund and Ukrainian Charity Fund “Christian”, participant of the all-Ukrainian education TV-program “Kiev miniatures “, a member of the Scientific and Technical Council of the State Communication Committee (Derzhcomzvyazok), a member of the International Centre of Integrated Security Systems of Enterprises. He was engaged in creation of “Standard National Communication System of Ukraine”, accordingly to the long-lasting program “Electronic Ukraine”. Mr. Kutsenko is an author of 50 scientific works, such as: “Possibilities of Economical Increase of Enterprises on a Base of Realization of E-business and E-commercial Systems” (2002), “Condition and Development Perspectives of Telecommunications” (2005), “Acceleration of Informatization Steps of Society and Technical Lagging Behind Fighting” (2005), “Fundamental Problems and Radical Steps of Anti-crisis Management Solutions For Industrial Enterprises” (2006). Awarded: Order of “Red Labour Flag”, four medals for diligent work, encluding medal “For Labour Prowess”. He was named as an “Honorary Radio Operator of the USSR”, “Master of Communication of the USSR”, “Honorary Worker in Communication Services of Ukraine”. Hobbies: reading, theatre.