Andrij Zimenkovsky

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Mr. Andrij Zimenkovsky - member of the Ukrainian Academy of Science (UAS) National progress since 1999, member of the Ukrainian Academy of Since 2004 of the Medical, Biological and Chemical Department; was born on May 14, 1964 (c. Odessa), living now in c. Lviv, the Ukrainian. Graduated from Lviv State Medical Institute, General Medicine Department with honor (1981-1987), surgeon, I cass-honours degree doctor; PhD (1992), Associate Professor (1997) of the Department of surgery on Post-graduate Education Faculty of LNMI. Danylo Halycky Lviv National Medical University, Head of the Department of Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmacotherapy and Medical Standardization, that was founded by his activity (from 2004), Head of Western Department of UASNP (2001-2004), working for Doctors degree in Ukrainian Institute of Public Health (2001-2006). The main direction of research: Clinical Pharmacy, rational Pharmacotherapy, Medical Standardization. The author(co-author) of 173 scientific works, incl. 10 monographs and textbooks, 1 Decl. Pat., 4 Inform. Letters, 5 innovative propositions. Main works: Basis Terminological Glossary on the programme on Clinical Pharmacy. Scientific-reference edition. - Lviv-Kyiv, 2004.- 446 p. Basis Terminological Glossary on Medical Education (University level) of Ukraine. - Lviv, 2005. - 176 p. Member of working groups of Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine and UAMS, WHO, EU, World Bank on the topics of standards in health care system, rational pharmacotherapy. Co-author of three annual reports of Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine (2002,2003,2004). Participant in many international projects, reforms in Health care system in Ukraine, standards in Public health, medical insurance; member of editorial board of professional journals, Chief editor and founder of scientific periodic edition "Clinical pharmacy, Pharmacotherapy and Medical Standardization"; assistant-consultant of deputy of Suprime Soviet of Ukraine, Chief of subcommittee on pharmacy, Supreme Soviet committee on Public Health, Maternity and childhood (2004-2006), assistant-consultant of deputy of Supreme Soviet of Ukraine, Chief of Committee (2006). One among authors of Law project "Pharmaceutical preparations" , 3 state branch programs. Twice awarded by Honors Diploma of Ukrainian Pharmaceutical Association (Panacea 2002, 2003), nomination "Excellent professionalism". Hobby: literature.