Arutyunov Vyacheslav Khurshudovich

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Arutyunov Vyacheslav Khurshudovich, (born in 1938 in the city of Ashkhabad, of Armenian origin, citizen of Ukraine), is a full member of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences since May 15, 2004. In 1961 graduated from Turkmen state university, physical and mathematical faculty specializing in "mathematics"; in 1964 completed post-graduate study in Kyiv Taras Schevchenko National University specializing in "philosophical problems of modern natural sciences". Candidate of philosophical sciences, associate professor, constantly works in Kiev national economic university as a professor, deputy head of the department of philosophy, member of scientific council of the banking faculty. More than 200 publications on global problems, steady development, methodology and logic of scientific research, techniques of teaching philosophical disciplines .th Не was awarded medals "Veteran of work", "in memory of Kyiv's 1500 anniversary", "of Zhukov", "honoured worker of KNEU", honour by the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine. Hobby - cynology of gun dogs.