Bagraiy Ivan Grygorovych

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Bagraiy Ivan Grygorovych was elected the UAN Correspondent Member on medical and biological, chemical and agrarian science department. He was born on 01.12.1941 in the village Potash, Uman district, Cherkassy region. He is the citizen of Ukraine. He has the higher education. He completed the Kiev State University named after T.G.Shevchenko, the faculty of biology (1963-1968). He is biologist and candidate of biological science (1973), associate professor (1985), senior researcher. He worked in the Institute of zoology named after I.I. Shmalgausen of the AN URSR (1968-1977). He was scientific associate - advisor of the AN URSR Presidium (1974-1976). He was associate professor, deputy dean of the zoological and engineering faculty of the Ukrainian agricultural academy (1977 - 1989) and head of department of selection and reproduction of Ukrainian steppe bees in the Institute of bee-keeping named after P.I.Prokopovych UAAN (1989 - 2003); deputy director on scientific work (1995-1997), leading scientist (2003). He is the member of editorial board of "Ukrainian Beekeeper" magazine. He made significant contribution to studying of the features of flying, gathering and signal activity of different kinds of bees, reproducing and spread of it area. The law of Ukraine "On beekeeping", the program on development of the branch up to the year 2005 and the program on selection in beekeeping for the years 1998-2005 were drawn up with his direct participation. He is the author (co­author) of more than 120 scientific works and textbooks concerning beekeeping. He has six author's certificates: "Some kinds of bees signal activity comparative studying" (1969), "Different race honey producing bees' mobilization dances boundaries" (1971), "National beekeeping of the Soc. Efiolia development project" (in English) (1982), "Beekeeping pedigree work with biometry fundamentals" (1996), "Honey producing bees' main selection signs evaluation" (2000), "On genetic origin of Ukrainian bees" (2006). He was awarded by diplomas of the ministry of agricultural complex of Ukraine, Ukrainian Academy of science Presidium and Kiev city state administration. He awarded by "Honoured beekeeper of Ukraine" diploma. His hobby is a literature.