Bizin Viktor Petrovich

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Bizin Viktor Petrovich, became an academician of the UAS since 2004, in the branch of physical education and sport. B. 08.07.1954 (Slanci village, Leningrad region, Russian Soviet Socialist Republic); citizen of Ukraine. Higher education Kiev State Institute of Physical Culture (1997), coach faculty, Physical Education and Sport, PhD (pedagogic) (1987), Doctor of science (pedagogic) (1995), Professor, pedagogic science (1998), Master of sports in track and field (1975). Assistant professor, chief of track and field Department, State Institute of Physical Culture, Kiev (1980-1990), Deputy Head in Scientific Work (1991-1999), Professor of the Department of Olympic and Professional Sport, State Academy of Physical Education, Kharkov (2000). Scientific- applied work to be closely related to technical perfection of the sportsman in track and field athletics. Author and coauthor of above 50 scientific publications including monographies: "Teaching of the track-and-field throw" (1995), "Technics and methods of teaching in track-and- field throw" (2002). Honoured worker of Physical Education and Sport of Ukraine (1997). Hobby: technical equipment