Boris P. Korobko

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Boris P. Korobko Elected as a member of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences in 1994, "Power Engineering"Division Date of birth: 02.11.1940 Place of birth: Kiev Nationality: Ukraine. Education: Higher. Kaspian Higher Navy School (1961-1964) Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys (1965) All-Union Polytechnic Institute, Correspondence Department, Metallurgical Faculty (1966-1969), Metallurgical Engineer. Ph.D. (1983), Senior Researcher (1991). Place of work: Scientific and Production Association "PlanECO". Current Position: Deputy General Director. Employment Record: Ukrainian R&D Institute of Scientific & Technical Information. Head of Information Sector Scientific and Production Association "UkrEnergo Resources". Deputy Director for Research Non-Traditional Energy Institute. Director Membership: A Member of the International Solar Energy Association (ISES), German Wind Power Association (BWE) A Member of the scientific and technical supervision of the Ukrainian Energy Programme till 2010 A Member of the Editing Board of the journal "Inventor and Rationalizer" Key areas Cleaner Power Generation (wind, photo, helio power, etc.), environment protection, sustainable development, metallurgy, foundry, welding of alloys. Publications:Author (co-author) of about 100 publications, 7 inventions. Main publications: Law of Ukraine "On alternative sources of energy" "Energy Strategy of Ukraine till 2010","A concept of the strategy of long term Ukrainian fuel and energy complex development","Small scale wind power generation","Energy independence of Ukraine is realistic - what are the first priority measures? Decorated by the Medal named after Y. Kondratyk (National Space Agency of Ukraine for taking an active part in the development of the local wind power generation). Hobbies: Wind mills, politics, esoterics.