Boris Semeonovich Zhitnigor

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Boris Semeonovich Zhitnigor: elect, acad. UAS, 2005, legal sciences dep. Born 29.01.1972 (Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy), bel. citizen of the Ukraine. High education; Mechnikova I.I. State University in Odessa, faculty of legal sciences (1990-1995), faculty of economics and business management of Inter-regional Academy of Personnel Management (Kiev, 2000- 2002), legal adviser, manager- economist, Master of business administration (2002), Dr. of economy (2004), Dr. of law (2005), professor (2005). Teaching activity: rostrum of criminal and administrative Law, Odessa National Sea University; rostrum of management foreign-economic activity (I-RAPM). Managing director of Odessa Centre of UAS (2006). Vice-president of the Academy of Modern Art (2005), responsible editor and editorial staffs member of scientific-sociopolitical almanac "Society and Progress" (2005), AMA (2005), Gold Medal Owner of AMA "For the Achievements" (2006). Winner of All-Ukrainian Contest of economy-legal publications of the weekly "Business" (1998). Author of 14 monographs and 35 scientific publications. The main work: Comparative Analysis of Criminal Legislation of Post-Soviet States (2003), Antraditional System of Criminal Law (2003), Theory of Competitive Advantage (2004), Strategy of Competitive Fight of a Company (2005), Mercenaries (2005), Normative Traditions in Criminal Law (2006), Monetary Instruments and Protection Against Criminal Infringements (2006), Border of Ages: Freedom of Conscience and Law (2007). As a result of his activity in 2006, for writing the series of books on the questions of the economics and law with his coauthor. Dr. of the economics Pavlov Valentin Vladimirovich has been awarded rank Laureate of Bonus of UAS. Passion for sport, philosophy, psychology.