Borishchuk Volodimir Oleksandrovich

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Borishchuk Volodimir Oleksandrovich – member of UAN in the Department of Medical and Biochemical Sciences since 1998; was born in 1941.09.10 (in Glazheva, Rivnenska obl.), Ukrainian, citizen of Ukraine. High educational degree: National Medical University of Lviv, pharmaceutical branch of study, took his doctor’s degree in pharmaceutical sciences, docent at the National Medical University im.P.L.Shupika. The stand of direction of the scientific function is the success of providing pharmaceutical services in the new economical conditions, control of the quality of medicaments, research of new organizational forms of working together with the Health Department of Ukraine. Initiated the accomplishing of the project about studying scientific and practical functions of pharmaceutical job organizers and using apothecial professionals. Author of over 50 scientific works. Major works: “Beauty for everybody”, 1992; “Receipt of medical and cosmical vogues for healthy skin and hair”, 2003.