Borys Kolnohusenko

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Borys Kolnohusenko - the Member of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine since 1999, the Culture and Arts department. He was born in 1948, July 10 in Sakhalin Region, Russia. Ukrainian. Citizen of Ukraine. B. Kolnogusenko graduated from the Krasnodar State Institute of Culture, Ballet- master Department. He has occupied the following positions: Ballet-Dancer, Lecturer, Ballet-Master- Conductor at The State Honoured Academic Kuban' Kozac Choir, The Black Sea and Pacific Ocean Navy Folk Song and Folk Dance Assemble, M. Lysenko Kharkiv State Opera and Ballet Academic Theatre, M. Gogol Poltava Music and Drama Theatre. Since 1988 he has been the Dean of Choreographic Art Faculty, Head of Folk Choreography Department of the Kharkiv State Academy of Culture. B. Kolnohusenko is Professor (1994), People's Artist of Ukraine (1999), Knight of the Arkhistratig Michail Order (2005), the winner of the "Slobozhanskaya Slava" order, winner of 17 national and international competitions, honoured citizen of the city of Dulovo (Bulgaria). Since 2002 Professor Kolnohuzenko is the President of Kharkiv Regional Centre and a member of the Board of National Choreographic Union of Ukraine. The main tendencies of B. Kolnohusenko's scientific work are historical researches and methods of modern teaching of Ukrainian folk choreography and ballet-master art. He is an author of more than 60 methodical materials and textbooks, among them are: "Methods of Work with Choreographic Group", " Choreographic Work with Children", "Fundamentals of Dance Composition", "Forms and Genres of Ukrainian Choreography", "Ballet-Master's Art". In 1990 B. Kolnogusenko created the Folk Dance Theatre "Zapovit", which became a winner of "Grand Prize" of many Ukrainian and International competitions in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Germany, Belgium, France, Austria, Spain, Portugal. Since 2002 he has been a consultant to Shidzyadzun Choreographic Institute, since 2005 - consultant to Nanchang University (Faculty of Choreographic Art), China. Hobby: photography, design.