Bulatova Maria

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Bulatova Maria, became an academician of UAS in 1997 in the branch of physical education and sport (1997). She was born in Kiev on the 9th February 1960. She is Ukrainian citizen. Bulatova graduated from the Kyiv's State Institute of Physical Culture, pedagogical faculty, for speciality physical culture and sport (1977-1981), the Kyiv's State University, biology faculty for speciality biology and chemistry (1985- 1990). She obtained her Doctor of Science in Pedagogies in 1997 and became a Professor in 1997. Since 1984 she is teaching at Kiyv's state institute of physical culture, later she was chief of the department of Informatics and modern technologies (1995-2001). She became a pro-rector of international affairs of the National university of physical education and sport (2003 - till now) and the professor of the department of Theory and methods of physical education, recreation and sanitary physical culture (2001 till now). From 22nd November 2001 until 4th February 2003 she headed the State committee on issues of physical culture and sport of Ukraine. She is the Honoured worker of science and techniques of Ukraine (2000), a Laureate of State Prize of Ukraine in the field of science and techniques (2000), the Honoured Professor of NUPESU (2003). She is a member of the National Olympic Executive Committee from 1998 until now, a chief of committee of Olympic Education and Culture of NOC of Ukraine in 2003. She is the president of the Ukrainian Olympic Academy (from 1998 until now). Since 2000 until 2004 she was a member of expert council of UHAC in Pedagogic's field, Physical education and Sports, she headed the expert council of UHAC in Physical education and sports in 2004-2006. She is an editor-in-chief of the international theoretical scientific journal "Science in the Olympic sport" (since 1994 until now), a member of the director council of the centre of sport information of European Council "Clearing House" (1998-2000); a member of the European Commission of sports science in the higher education system (since 1995 until now), a member of European committee "Woman and sports" since 1992 until now, a member of presidium of scientific methodical council in the Ministry of Ukraine on issues of family, youth and sports. She works in editorial collegia of international scientific editions of Spain, Croatia and Russia. Her scientific practical work is concerned with elaboration of theoretical methodical bases for development of moving qualities and realization of functional reserves of top-level athletes, the issues of Olympic education for students and pupils. She is an author (and co-author) for over 200 editions published both in Ukraine and abroad, the book "Physical preparation of sportsman" (1995) was republished in Spain, China, Poland and Brazil. "Sportsman in various climatic- geographical and weather conditions" (1995), "Encyclopedia of Olympic sports of Ukraine" (2005), "Theory and methods of physical education": the 2 volume manual (2003), "Your first Olympic guide" (2004) are prepared in collaboration with group of authors. Hobbies: fitness, foreign languages (English, Spanish, Hungarian).