Daryalov Yury Sergiyovich

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Daryalov Yury Sergiyovich; Elected as a corresponding member of UAN in 1994 in Energy division, secretary of division. Was born on 26.08.1939 (Uman' town Cherkassi region), Ukrainian, Ukrainian citizen. The higher education, Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, thermal-technical faculty, thermal engineer (1956-1961). Deputy Executive Director of Ukrainian Energy Committee (UEC).The main positions: team engineer of DonORGRES, deputy head of the service of energy regimes optimization of The South associated dispatch department (ODU Pivdnya) of Minenergo of the USSR, senior engineer-inspector curator of Donbasenergo, Dniproenergo, Crymenergo the zone body of the South State Inspection on exploitation of the power plants and networks of Ministry of the USSR, deputy director technical of Ukrainian scientific-technical electrical energetical association "ASELENERGO". The main activities: project analyses, starts up, adjustments and exploitation of power units 150, 200, 300, 800 MW of TPP and CHP - Starobeshivska, Luganska, Krashodarska, Yerevanska, Cherepetska, Novocherkaska, Slovyanska, Kryvorizka-2; improvement of regimes of lowest loads and optimization of the South associated energy system by the implementation of renovated programmes and technical devices; analyses and improvement of the inspection system of the State Inspection regarding the instructions (results of the inspections) to energy units, especially regarding environment aspect; arrangement of practical familiarization of specialists from Ukrainian energy systems and power plants with advanced experience of Ukraine and abroad. Is the author (co-author) 15 scientific-technical works, including the first Ukrainian "Manual for the workers of energy supply companies and energy supervision with respect to the working with the power consumers and predicting the power larcenies" (2003). The Honorary Power specialist of Ukraine (1999). Awards: 2 medals. Enthusiasm for belees-lettres, sports, journey.