Demchyshyn Anatoliy

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Demchyshyn Anatoliy V.:  was elected as an academician of UAS at June 12, 1992  in frames of  “Material Science” speciality, a member of UAS Presidium, a head of the Department of physical-technical sciences. Born at 13.10.1940 ( Simpheropol – city, Autonomous republic of  the Crimea ), Ukrainian, a citizen of the Ukraine. A higher education, a foundry faculty of the Machine-Building Institute in Zaporizhia (1957-1962), a mechanical engineer, PhD (1968), a senior scientist (1972), Doctor of Technical Science (1981), a head of Department at E.O.Paton Electric Welding Institute, NASU (1988), a leading scientist (1999). A member of the experts group of the Scientific-Technical Council of the State Program for a prediction of the scientific-technological and innovation development for a thematic direction “Laser, electron and ion beam technologies, hybrid-beam processes. Nanotechnologies, functional and tool materials”. A member of the Editorial Board of the UAS journal  “An inventor and a rationalizer”. An author (co-author) of the more  than 150 scientific articles, certificates of inventions and patents. The Honorary Diploma of the Deputies Supreme Council, Diploma of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences in Ukraine, the Honorary  Plaque of  the American Vacuum  Society, medals.  Interests: a history, geography, sport.