Deminskiy Olexsy Tsezarevich

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Deminskiy Olexsy Tsezarevich, became an academician of the Academy of science of Ukraine in 2004 in the branch of physical education and sport. B. 11.06.1941 (Ganitne village, Telmaniv, Donetsk region), he is the citizen of Ukraine. Higher education, Kyiv state Institute of Physical Culture, training faculty Physical Culture and sport (1968). PhD in Pedagogic (1986), Professor (1995). The doctor of Science (2003), Head of Donetsk state Institute of Health, Physical education and sport (since 1996). The member of the NOC in Ukraine and executive committee OAY (1996) Member of the international Academy of man's problem in air force and cosmonautics (1999) Member of scientific council of Ministry of Ukraine on the problems of family, youth and sport. Scientific work is dedicated to optimization' of problems of scientific and training process of sportsmen. He is the author of more than 100 studies. The main studies are: "Development of abilities in sport activity" (1996). "Theory and Strategy of Physical education" (1997). Didactical basics of training's optimization. His interest is art.