Driukov Volodymyr Oleksiyovych

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Driukov Volodymyr Oleksiyovych; elcctcd as a correspondent member of UAS in 2004 at the Department of Sport Sciences and Sports. Date of birth: 20.01.1946. Nationality: Ukrainian. Education: Higher, Lugansk State Pedagogical Institute Named T.G. Shevchenko (1970), Department of Sport Sciences, specialty : sport sciences and sports. PhD (1983), associate professor (1987), doctor of sport sciences and sports (2003), professor (2004). Honored coach of USSR (1990). Internationally Leveled Master of Sports in modern pentathlon (1971). Lecturer, associate professor, head of The Department of Pencing, Modern Pentathlon and Archery at Ukrainian State University of Physical Culture and Sports (1979-1993), coach expert in fencing in India (1993-1996), coach expert in fencing in Iran (1998-1999). Senior researcher, scientific secretary, deputy director in SRW (1999-2002), director of State Scientific Research Institute of Physical Culture and Sports (2002 - to date). Member of National Federation of Ukraine in Fencing and Modern Pentathlon (2002 - to date). President of Ukrainian Federation of Triathlon (-1989 - 1992). Head of specialized academic council of State Scientific Research Institute of Physical Culture and Sports (2002 - 2004). He is member of advisory council НАС of Ukraine (2004 - 2006) and editor in chief of bulletin "Contemporary problems of sports" (2003 - to date). Current research interests: training of elite athletes. He is author of more than 120 scientific papers. Main scientific works: Training in modern pentathlon (1988); Elite athletes' training in four-year Olympic cycles (2002); Theory and methodology of training in modern pentathlon (2003), Research and medical support in sports (2005). He was awarded the title of Honorary Worker of Sport Sciences and Sports