Dudarets Sergiy Mykolayevich

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Dudarets Sergiy Mykolayevich - Corresponding Member of UAS since 2005 in the division of medicine-biologic and chemical sciences. Born 27.05.1968 (Busheve village, Rokytno district, Kyiv region), Ukrainian. Higher education. Ukrainian agricultural academy, forestry faculty (1985-1992), engineer of forestry; candidate of agricultural sciences (1995), assistant of professor (2000). National agricultural university of Ukraine - chair of forest melioration department. Probationer-teacher (1992-1994), graduate student, assistant (1994- 1998) forest melioration department, dean deputy of forestry faculty (1997-2001), director deputy of Education-research institute of forestry and lanscape architecture (2001-2006). The main direction of research is development of scientific fundamentals of creation forest- protective stands and forestry on ravine lands. Author (co-author) of 30 scientific and method- scientific articles. The main articles: Influence of pine and oak stands on water-physical properties of erode soils // Proceedings NAUU. - No 19. - Kyev: 1999. - P. 235-238. Characteristics of physiologic indices of common oak leaves in the anti-erosion stands of different composition // Proceedings NAUU. - No 20. - Kyev: 1999. - P. 196-199. Characteristics of anti-erosion stands of Scotch pine in young plantations // Proceedings NAUU. - No 24. - Kyev: 2000. - P. 222-224. Honors Education of Ukraine.