Ermakov Sergey Sidorovieh

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Ermakov Sergey Sidorovieh, became an academician of UAS in 2004 in the branch of physical education and sport. B. 08.03.1950(Ochoche village, Novovodolazny region, Kharkiv oblast), he is the citizen of Ukraine. Higher education, Kharkiv Institute of Logistics (1977), Kharkiv State Pedagogic Institute by G.S. Skovoroda (1981), faculty of physical education, Physical Education and Sports, the doctor of Pedagogic Science (1997), Master of Sports in volleyball, Professor of Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts (1994), Professor of Kharkiv State Academy of Physical Culture, Sports Game Department (1998), Editor-in-chief of the scientific journals: "Pedagogy, Psychology, Medical and Biological Problems in Physical Education and Sports", "Physical Education and Students in Creative Specialities". He is the author of more than 100 studies. The main studies are: "Volleyball: Ukrainian Masters' Game" (1998), "Fit Stations in Volleyball" (1999). His interest are computer, volleyball.