Garkava Kateryna Grygorivna

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Garkava Kateryna Grygorivna was awarded an academician of the UAN (Ukrainian Academy of Sciences) in the field of medical, biological, and chemical sciences in the specialty “Immunology and Allergology”  in 2005. Born on April, 1949 in the village of Globyno, Globyno district, Poltava region. Ukrainian , citizen of Ukraine. Has lived in Kyiv since 1951. Higher Education: graduated from the National University of Taras Shevchenko in Kyiv in 1974; specialty “Biochemist; Biology and Chemistry teacher”. Has worked at the Bogomolets Medical Institute in Kyiv since 1964 (the National Medical University of Bogomolets O.O.): Junior research assistant (1982-1986), Senior research assistant (1986-2002) , Chief research assistant (since 2002). Defended Ph.D. thesis (1983), became Senior research assistant (1992), defended a doctoral thesis (2001). Her interest in science is in the field of studying immuno- stimulating properties of biologically active substances of natural origin with the view of correcting the immune system influenced by negative factors of the environment and those arisen from different pathologies. Garkava K.G. is an author (co-author) of 107 scientific works and 8 patents for invention. Her major works are: ‘Influence of T and B lymphocytic chalones on the ultrastructure of  lymphocytes” -  Reports of the NAN  (the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. – 1998.  – N6; “Composition of the lipidic  matrix of lymphoid cells membranes after the influence of G1 and G2 lymphocytic chalones  in the conditions of exogenic lymphocytic chalone  use during immune response” .- Biopol. and cell. - 1998- N5; “Lymphocytic chalone influence on the metabolic process in lymphocytes in the conditions of   immune response” - Biopol. and cell.-2000. –N4. Garkava’s  patents  are meant for finding some abnormalities in the immune system and methods of correction of these abnormalities. Garkava V.G. is supervising the preparation for thesis defense of  five Candidates of  Science and a Doctor of Science. Her hobbies are literature, art, and nature.