Geleskul Mykola Fedorovich

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Geleskul Mykola Fedorovich - the Ukrainian national progress academy of sciences academician since 1992, vice-president, UAS academician since 2004 on medical, biologic, chemical sciences branch. UAS head member. Born 9.10.1942 (Kryviy Rig, Dipropetrovsk region), Ukrainian, Ukrainian citizenship, Higher education. National university of Chernivtsi, physics and mathematics faculty, physics department (1959-1965), semiconductors physic, the teacher of physics. Cand.Tech.Sci.(1992). Experimental physics faculty laboratory manager, the National university of Chernivtsi senior scientific employee (1965-1970). USSR National Standard senior scientific employee (1970-1972). The post-graduate student of Ukrainian SSR semiconductors institute (1972-1974). The senior engineer, the main engineer, the Biocalorimetric measurements laboratory manager in O.V. Palladin biochemical institute (1974-1993). The association "Vitapharm" deputy director on scientific work (1993-1994), the head of the medical products development department, the treatment-and-prophylactic products department, the Ukrainian academy of sciences scientific and technical medical and biologic center director (since 1994). The author, the co-author of more than 80 scientific works in semiconductors physics, semiconductors surface physics branch, the new biomicrocalorimetric systems and calculations methods development, the dairy products quality parameters tool quality monitoring, treatment-and-prophylactic feed medicinal means and products development. Hobbies: literature, chess.