Gennady D. Grytsenko

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Gennady D. Grytsenko was born on the 7th of September, 1962 in the village Solonytsya, Poltava region. He is citizen of Ukraine. He had graduated from Kharkov Polytechnical Institute (1987). Being young specialist he was sent to the production association "Malyshev Plant". His track record is the following: from senior foreman of the assembly shop, deputy shop chief, chief of the production department, Deputy Director of "Machine-assembly Plant", Deputy General Director on Commerce, Production and Economics to the General Director of the State Enterprise "Malyshev Plant". During this period the serial production of T80-UD tanks for Pakistani Army was set up; the plant brought to commercial level the production of the new types of special equipment and equipment for the national economy, diesel engines, harvesters, coal- plough machines for thin seams, equipment for gas-and-oil producing industry. G.D.Grytsenko is a representative of young generation of modern leaders of one of the largest enterprises of independent Ukraine. His main features: the high level of professionalism, ability to see the essentials for solving the most complicated production- and-economical tasks, strong will and purposefulness, he is a man of principle and he has a creative approach to work. G.D.Grytsenko is a candidate of technical sciences (2002), academician of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences (2004), he is an author of 11 scientific works. G.D.Grytsenko is an honoured machine-builder of Ukraine (2000). He is a deputy of Kharkov regional board of administration. Hobby: books, sport, hunting.