Georgy Aseyev

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Georgy Aseyev - Doctor Tekhnichnych Nauk (Doctor of Sciences in Technology), Professor, Head of the Department of Information Technologies (since 1994) of the Kharkiv State Academy of Culture; the Member of the International Academy of Information (1995), the Member of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine since 1999, Culture and Arts department. He was born in 1943, June 9 in Krolevets, Ukraine. Ukrainian. He lives in Kharkiv. G. Aseyev graduated from Kharkiv State University (1967-1972), his speciality is Radiophysics. He is a Doctor of Sciences in Technology in two specialities: Information Systems and Processes, Technology of Non-Organic Matter. G. Aseyev has occupied the position of Head of the Department at a Scientific- Research Institute (1974-1994); since 1994 up to date he is Head of the Department of Information Technologies at the Kharkiv State Academy of Culture. G. Aseyev's scientific interests are modern information technologies and the newest principles of information processing, information culture. Professor Aseyev is the author of over 200 scientific works (books, reports, articles) in different fields of science, among them 27 monographs, 14 textbooks for students (to mention only several recent ones): "Electronic document flow" (2006), "Electrolytes. Methods for Calculation of the Physicochemical Parameters of Multicomponent Systems". - New York, Walingford (UK) (2001); "Electrolytes. Interparticle Interactions: Theory, Calculation Methods, and Experimental Data". - New York (2000). His publications are generally recognized, some of scientific aspects are used by scientists of many famous universities in the world: Canada, Japan, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Germany, etc. The famous publishing house for scientific literature "CRC Press" and "Begell House, Inc." (USA) has published 9 monographs by G. Aseyev in different English speaking countries. The evidence of popularity Professor Aseyev's works in the world is their wide use in Internet and in the libraries of US Congress, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, etc.