Golovatyuk Vasyl Mykhailovych

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Golovatyuk Vasyl Mykhailovych Was born on September 24, 1951 at Vinnitsa region. In 1968 graduated from the secondary school (golden medal). After graduation in 1973 of polytechnic institute in Odessa on specialty "organization of mechanized processing of economical information" up to 1989 worked at Odessa department of the institute of economy of Academy of Science of USSR and Odessa Higher Party School. During 1989 - 2005 at the central organs of executive and legal authority (Kyiv). Beginning from 2005 up to nowadays 1 am occupied with scientific work at the Centre of research of scientific and technical potential and history of science named after G.M. Dobrov national Academy of Ukraine. In 1983 at the Institute of Sociology of Academy of Science of USSR upheld dissertation on specialty 09.00.09 - applied sociology. In February 1992 was elected as correspondent of Ukrainian Academy of sciences of national progress. In May 2004 elected as full member (academician) of Ukrainian academy of sciences. In 2003-2005 was responsible secretary of the branch scientific magazine "Actual problems of internal policy". It was published 65 scientific and popular scientific works. There are among them 12 collective monograms and books. Scientific and practical activity is connected with developing of the scientific basis of social and economical problems research concerning investment attraction of social and economical environment and disclosure of its risks, methodical approaches concerning technologies of creation of situational problem oriented data base for adaptation of the social and economical environment of the country to existing conditions of economical and social and political situation during making of administrative decisions, social researches of effective usage and employment of labor resources, work team and person, development of social and political and social and economical processes and public mind, usage of informational technologies and mathematical methods for social administration. I use spare time for communication with friends at the nature.