Grygorova Iryna Anatoliyivna

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Grygorova Iryna Anatoliyivna was elected a member of a department of medical, biological and chemical sciences of Ukrainian Academy of Science in 2004. Iryna Anatoliyivna is a Head of Department of Neurology of Kharkiv State Medical University. She was bom in Kharkiv in 22.01.1955. Nationality - Ukrainian. Iryna Anatoliyivna graduated from medical faculty of Kharkiv Medical Institute where she studied from 1972 to 1978. She obtained a Doctor of Medicine degree in 1978. Iryna Anatoliyivna graduated as well from a faculty of musical art of Kharkiv Academy of Culture where she studied from 2002 to 2005. Iryna Anatoliyivna is a Doctor of Medicine (1978), Doctor of Medical Science (1997), Professor (2001), Expert of VAK of Ukraine since 2002. Iryna Anatoliyivna is a memeber of Presidium of Ukrainian Society of Neurologists and Psychiatrists and Head of Kharkiv Neurological Society since 2002. Iryna Anatoliyivna is a memeber of Specialized Council on Doctoral Dissertations in a field of Neurology since 1992, Head of Kharkiv Society of Multiple Sclerosis since 2001, member of Editorial board of "Experimental Biology and Medicine" journal since 2003 and "International Neurological Journal" since 2005. Iryna Anatoliyivna researched pathogenesis of atherosclerosis, acute and chronic disturbances of cerebral circulation, epilepsy, encephalomyelopolyneuropathy in alcoholism, craniocerebral trauma, migraine, neuropathological syndromes in hypothyroidism, intoxications and consequences of Chernobyl catastrophe, psychotherapy. For the first time in Ukraine Iryna Anatoliyivna created and headed a department of Emergency medicine and elaborated a study program for complex teaching of the subject (1997-1999). Iryna Anatoliyivna is an author (co-author) of more than 360 scientific articles, including textbook on Neurology (2001), "Clinical Pharmacology", monographs: "Acute peritonitis" (1997), "Etiology and Pathogenetical Mechanisms of Modelled Atherosclerosis" (1997), "Surgical complications of tropical diseases" (1998), "Structural and metabolic mechanisms of atherosclerosis" (2001), "Stress" (2002), "General and Clinical Psychotherapy" (2002), "Mechanisms of implementation of neurotropic effects of kinurenins" (2002, 2003), "Treatment of syndrome of acute pulmonary injure in polytrauma" (2005), 15 study manuals, 8 manuals for doctors, 32 invention patents, 75 methodical recommendations. Iryna Anatoliyivna was a scientific supervisor of 1 Doctor and 13 Candidates of Medical Science. Hobbies: singing, classical music, swimming.