Hertsyk Myroslav Stepanovytch

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Hertsyk Myroslav Stepanovytch; elected Corresponding Member оГ the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences in 2004 for the Department of Physical Education and Sports. Born on December 6th, 1935 in Bolehiv town, Ivano-Frankivsk region. Ukrainian. Higher education. Lviv State Institute of Physical Culture (1957). Merited Master of the Ukrainian SSR (1967). Associate Professor (1995). Master of Sport in kayak and canoe paddling (1959). Member of the NOC for Ukraine (since 1990). Chairman of the Lviv City Sports Committee (1964-1969); Chairman of the Lviv Regional Sports Committee (1990-1992); Rector of the Lviv State Institute of Physical Culture (since 1992). One of the top rowers of Ukraine in the 60-ies. Champion of the Soviet Union (1962), reiterated champion of Ukraine (1959-1962). Coached national teams of the Ukrainian SSR and the USSR (1964- 1984). Among his disciples were famous Bereza V., Vyshenko R., Nahirny R., Red'ko P., Karbivnyk R., Hrushchak I., Prymak V., Dmytriv S. and others. One of the organizers of the Ukrainian Sports Association in the Lviv region. One of the founders and the Vice-President of the Ukrainian NOC (1990-1998), member of the Guidance Council of the Ministry of Ukraine for the Family, Youth and Sports Affairs, member of the Rectors Council for the Lviv region and Rectors Council for the Carpathian region. Participated in the Olympic Flame Relay Race in Kyiv (2004). Author of more than 50 research and methodological papers on the problems of physical education and sport. Major works: "Introduction to the Specialties in the Field of Physical Education and Sport " (in co-authorship), "Golden Pages of the Olympic Sport in Ukraine" (in co-authorship). Was awarded the order "For Accomplishments" III Degree (2005), "The Budivnytchy of Ukraine" medal from the "Prosvita" All-Ukrainian Society (2001). Honoured Educator of Ukraine (1997). Favourite pastime: belles-lettres, folk songs.