Ilyin Volodymir Mikolaiovich

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Ilyin Volodymir Mikolaiovich, a member of Ukrainian Academy of Science. Born 6.12.1948 in Ahallshi, Georgia, citizen of Ukraine. Graduated from Kiyv State Shevchenko Universtity Physics Department (Molecular Physics) in 1972. Completed the PhD thesis in Biology in 1981, achieved the degree of Doctor of Biological Sciences in 2000. Employment history: Senior Researcher since 2001. Engineer at Physiology Department of Kiyv State Shevchenko University in 1971-1973, Engineer, postgraduate student, junior, then senior researcher at Bohomolets Institute of physiology in 1973-2004. Senior researcher at the International centre of* Astronomical, Mcdical and Biology Studies since 1996. Professor of physical rehabilitation at the National Technology University since 2001. Head of Human Biology Grojap at the National Spoils University since 2004. Professional affiliations: European underwater baromedical society, Ukrainian physiology and pathology society, International divers association. Research Interests: Human adaptation to extreme environmental conditions. Author of over 190 scientific works, books, and publications. Key books: Basics and methods of hyperbaric physiology of breathing (2001), Physical rehabilitation for divers (2003), Rythmocardiographical methods of functional state estimation (2003), Ecological biochemistry (2005). Received the medal "For bravery" for scientific research during Ukrainian Antarctic Expeditions (2002). Hobbies: diving