Kiesova Liubov Oleksandrivna

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Kiesova Liubov Oleksandrivna was awarded an academician in 1994 on the Department of Power Engineering. Born on September 7, 1937 (the city of Arkhangelsk, the Russian Federation), the citizen of Ukraine. Higher education, Kyiv Polytechnic Institute (1955-1960), heat power (thermal) engineer; Doctor of Engineering Science; Professor (1994); Head of Heat-and- Power Engineering Devices and Nuclear Power Plants Department at NTUU "KPI" (Research and Technology University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute")( 1996-2005); Research Manager of the Applied Research Laboratory of Heat-and-Power Engineering Devices at the Ministry of Fuel and Energy - Ministry of Education of Ukraine; Professor of the Department of TEU and AES NTUU "KPI" (Heat-and- Power Engineering Devices and Nuclear Power Plants Department at the Research and Technology University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute"); "Honored educator of Ukraine", "Honored power engineer of Ukraine", "Honored power engineer of the CIS"; has more than 220 scientific works (including 9 monographs, 12 certificates of authorship, 3 patents). The main monographs: "Control and automated operation of dust feeding at a thermal generated station" (1991), "Development, research, implementation, and maintenance experience of the system of highly concentrated dust feeding (under pressure) of the TPP-210A boiling apparatuses at the Trypolsk TEC (Thermal Power Station)" (2001); the founder of the scientific school "Effective technologies, processes and systems of dust feeding to the burners of the TEC (Thermal Power Station)"; research worker of the aerodynamics of two- component streams and measuring methods of powdered dust input with the further implementation on boiling apparatuses at thermal power stations (1985-2000 - on four power units at the Trypolsk Thermal Power Station); winner of the All Ukrainian contest "Leader of Fuel and Energy Complex -2001" in the category "Innovation project"; member of three editorial staffs of technical-scientific journals; member of the Central Board of Power and Electrical Engineers of Ukraine and Council of the Oldest Power Engineers of Ukraine; Scientific and Research Council of Minpalivenergo (Ministry of Fuel and Energy) of Ukraine; member of the specialized Scientific Councils at NTYY "KPI" (Research and Technology University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute") and "Lviv poly-technology" on graduation; member of the Trade Council on power engineering, electrical technology, and electro- mechanics on the State Accreditation Committee of MinOsvita (Ministry of Education and Science) of Ukraine. Main hobby - Kyiv Pushkin's Society (Chairman of the Board of the civic organization)