Klymenko Anatoliy Olexiyovych

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Klymenko Anatoliy Olexiyovych, was elected like Academician of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences in 1993 for medical, biological and chemical sciences department, Deputy Head of medical and biological department. Was born on 3.03.1941 in Shpola (Chercassy region), citizen of Ukraine. Education is higher, Ivano-Frankivsk State Medical Institute (1960-1966), General Medicine Department, Doctor of Medical Sciences (1987), Professor (1988). From 1997 - Head of Biochemistry Chair. From 1998 - Dean of Pharmacy Department, Member of scientific and technical soviet of Carpathian national natural park, Chief of Ivano-Frankivsk regional biochemical society, member of editorial board of scientific journal "Medical Chemistry", founder and Chief of research biochemistry laboratory. The main direction of scientific investigation was dedicated to study of biological role of the microelements-biotic, metal enzymes, lipid peroxidation, antioxidation system of protection, to prepare of different forms of the herbal medicaments, and chemical synthesis of biological active substances. Due his leading 7 doctoral and 27 candidate's dissertations, 12 complex research investigations were prepared. 5 guidances for higher medical students were published. He is author of 169 scientific publications, 15 patents, 5 information letters, certificate for antitumor medicament.He was awarded by Diploma of Laureate of UAS bonus and Platon medal. Hobbies: literature, hunts, fishing.