Kovalchuk Vadym Oleksandrovych

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Kovalchuk Vadym Oleksandrovych has been elected as the honorary member of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences in 2004 on branch of architecture and building sciences. Was born on September, 17 1939 (village Poninka, Polonsky district, Khmelnitskiy region). Citizen of Ukraine. Higher education, the Kyiv civil engineering institute, building-technological faculty (1956 -1961), manufacture of concrete and ferro-concrete products and designs for precast ferro-concrete, the Leningrad engineering - economic institute -1969, the organizer of industrial production and construction. "The deserved builder of Ukraine" (1997). Open Joint-stock company "House-building combine - 3", the first assistant to the general director - the chief engineer of Open Joint-stock company "House­building combine - 3" .Before worked as the engineer - technologist, the chief of a technical department, the chief engineer of a factory of ferro-concrete products, the chief engineer of management of the industrial enterprises in the city of Chelyabinsk (1961 -1976), the factory manager of ferro-concrete products of Open Joint-stock company "House-building combine-3" (1976-1985). The full member of Academy of Construction of Ukraine (1995), new constructive decisions in monolithic - frame construction. Two patented inventions which have found application in new projects and technologies of housing construction in the city of Kyiv. Medal "For valorous work" (1970), the Honorary title "The Deserved builder of Ukraine" (1997), the Award "For merits of III degree" (2000), the Award "For merits of II degree" (2005). The Certificate of honour of Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (1982), Medal of Ukrainian Academy of Construction of a name of academician M.S. Budnikov (2003). The winner of the premium of Ukrainian Academy of Construction of a name of academician M.S. Budnikov (2000), the Winner of the premium of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences of a name Platon (2004). Hobbies: the motorist, the scientific and technical literature.