Kozlova Klavdiya

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Kozlova Klavdiya is elected by corresponding member UAS in 2004 on Branch physical education and sports. Date of born: 15.09.1937 (with. Sudakovo, Urganskiy region, Smolensk of province), citizen of Ukraine. High education: Vinnitsa pedagogical institute, faculty of physical education, teacher of physical culture, anatomy and physiology (1957- 1961); the candidate of pedagogical sciences (1974), professor (2002). Vinnitsa state pedagogical university by M. Cotsubinskogo, professor of faculty ТМФВ. The dean of faculty of physical-education (1985-1990), manager of faculty of physical education (1974-1978), manager of faculty ТМФВ (1978-2001) at Vinnitsa state pedagogical university by M. Cotsubinskogo. The vice-president for the sake of the veterans FC and sports of Vinnitsa. Studies problems of physical education of different groups of the population, which the problems of Olympic education and pedagogical conditions of formation of physical activity of the schoolboys live at different ecological zones. The author more than 90 scientific jobs, in particular " the Russian-Ukrainian dictionary of the gymnastic terms " (1992), " the dictionary of the basic terms and concepts ТМФВ " (1996), " the tests for the control of knowledge on ТМФВ " (2003), " the dictionary of the basic terms and concepts on ТМФВ " (2006), " a practical work on ТМФВ " (2006), monography " features of residing of children in different ecological zones " (2006) Basel, Switzerland, " control tasks for preparation of the students for graduation examinations on ТМФВ (level the bachelor) " (2005). Has prepared 5 candidates of sciences from physical education and sports. Awarded by 5 honourable letters MES, отличник of national education (1986), awarded is familiar MES for scientific achievement (2006). Hobby: Basketball, navigation, fiction.