Krizhov Garold Petrovich

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Krizhov Garold Petrovich; Elected as an academician of UAN in 1999 in Energy division. Was born on 05.09.1931 (Pogrebi village, Vasilkovsky region, Kyivska obi.), Ukrainian, Ukrainian citizen. The higher education, Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, electrical-technical faculty, electrical engineer (1950-1955), Ph. D. (1979), senior scientific worker (1988). Scientific-technical training- consulting senter ASELENERGO - chief specialist (2000-present). Associated Dispatch Department of the Southern energy systems (now NEK "Ukrenergo"), dispatcher, senior engineer, group leader (1955-1967), "Energomerezhproekt" Institute - project group leader (1967-1975), "Ukrsylenergoproekt" Institute - senior and leading scientific worker of the scientific sector (1975-1993), Institute of Energy of the "Energoprogress" Association - leading engineer, head of the sector (1993-1999), Electrodynamics Institute (1999). The main scientific- technical activities: protection of overhead electrical lines against glaze-ice and wind damages (35 scientific works, including 2 monographs and 8 inventions); development of constrictions and equipment for the electrical networks to provide their maintenance and repairs under the working voltage (21 scientific works, including 15 inventions); development of energy saving technologies (35 scientific works, including 1 discovery and 12 inventions); development of normative documents and manuals for their study (24 scientific works, including 6 books and brochures). Total amount of the released works is 116, including 35 inventions and 1 discovery. Awards - 3 medals. Enthusiasm for mathematic rebuses.