Krucevich Tatyana

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Krucevich Tatyana, became an academician of UAS in 2004 in the branch of physical education and sport. Born in Kiev in 1946. Citizen of Ukraine. She graduated Kiyv's state institute of physical culture in 1968, sport's branches, specialist of physical culture and sport. She completed she's D.Sc. in 2001 and became a professor of National university of physical education and sport of Ukraine in 2001. Since 1973 and until 1984 Crucevich teaching at the Kiyv's state institute of physical culture. Since 1985-1998 she is a docent of the cathedra of the theory and methodic of physical education. And from 1999 she heading this cathedra. Appointed a pro-rector of science of the university in 2001, C.T. remained in this position until 2004. From 2004 and until to today she became a full member of the State attestation comisse of the board of education and science, chief of the section of physical culture and draftee of the board of education and science, assistant of chief of scientific-methodical commesse of physical culture and sport of the board of education and science, a member of editorial board of the scientific-theoretical journal 'Theory ad methods of physical education and sports'. In 2004 she became a member of methodical council of the board of education and science. Research in training loads in exercise with adolescent and theory and methods of physical education of different groups of population. She is a scientific advisor more than 15 Ph.D. scientist. She is an author more than 150 scientific papers. Main works are: " Scientific research in mass physical culture" (1985), "The research methods of individual health of kids and adolescent in the process of physical education" (1999), "Theory ad methods of physical education" (2003), "Monitoring in physical education of kids and adolescent" (2005). She's got a title "Vidminnyk Osvity" (2000). Honor worker of physical culture (2005). Honor award Кабінету міністрів України (2005). Hobbies: fitness, art literature.