Lee Deng Muh

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Date of Birth: 1936/09/18
Highest Education:
Honorary Doctor of Management and Policy, Southeastern University
Current Position: Founder and Chairman
Professional Experience (chronologically)
1. Honorary Doctor of Management and Policy, Southeastern University (Appendix Al)
2. College of Arts, National Taiwan Normal University (A2)
3. Department of Fine Arts, National University of Tainan (A3)
1. Independent Founder and Chairman, The Lees Group (Appendix Bl)
2. Founder and Chairman, Bai-Xin Cultural and Academic Foundation (B2)
3. Chairman, National University Tainan Alumni Association (B3)
4. Council Member, National Cultural Award of R.O.C, Taiwan (B4)
5. Visiting Professor, National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism (B5)
6. Chief Deputy Mayor, Kaohsiung City Government (B6)
7. Director of the Board, Bank of Kaohsiung (B7)
8. Chairman, Kaohsiung Chamber of Commerce (B8)
9. Executive Director, General Chamber of Commerce of R.O.C. (B9)
10. Chairman, National Kaohsiung Normal University Alumni Association (B10)
11. Executive Director, The Real Estate Development Association of Kaohsiung (В 11)
12. Dean, Qian-Zheng Junior High School (B12)
Award and Honors (chronologically):
1. Honorary Director, The Henry C.Lee Forensic Science Foundation (Appendix C)
2. Honorary Advisor, K.R.C.S.T.A. (C2)
3. Distinguished Alumni, National Taiwan Normal University, National University of Tainan, and
National Beimen Senior High School (C3)
4. Invited to national dinner by President Chen Shui-Bian for three times, by President Lee
Teng-Hui once, and by President Chiang Kai-shek once (C4)
5. Awarded Conscription Second Class Metal by Ministry of the Interior (C5)
6. Awarded the honorary doctorate from the president of Southeastern University, and the
ceremony witnessed by Chief Director of American Institution in Taiwan, on behalf of the US
government (C6)
7. Awarded Scholarship Donation Second Class Metal by Taiwan Provincial Government,
R.O.C. (C7)
8. Awarded the first National Golden Tripod Award of R.O.C. (C8)
9. Honorary Citizen of Williamsport City, USA (Appendix C9)
10. Received Manila City Key from mayor Hoa, Ramon D. Bagatsing of Manila City, Philippine
(C9) 10. Received 1974 the most distinguished Asia Divisional President Award, Junior
Chamber International Kaohsiung (C10)
11. Received the first Taiwan Province Special Outstanding Teacher Award (CI 1)