Lin Li-Chi

Дата народження: 


Highest Education:
PhD of Business Administration, International American University, USA
PhD of Business Administration, Golden State University, USA

Current Served: President of GHI FU TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.
CEO of Jhao wei International Trade Co., Ltd.

Nano technology application used it in health care products.

There are 18 types of international patent in Nano and material field.

Professional Experience:
GHI FU GROUP’s president-Dr. Lin, Li-Chi is an outstanding and well-known inventor, who dedicated in applied eco-materials field. His works has won several honors and patents from different countries. When he got nano technology application, then he used it in health care products. GHI FU GROUP is the only company using nano technology in health care industry. While there was a great breakthrough in nano technology, Dr. Lin, Li-Chi had a success in researching techniques in cooperation with Japanese related industries and got professional nanometer technology. He applied combination of five phenomenal technologies: Medical technology, “Biochemical technology”, “Physical technology”, “Nanotechnology”, “Optoelectronics technology”, and successfully invented a series of products “Light of Life” for the elder, the young and family to improve the living of quality.
“Light of Life  the germanium-nanometer high performance chip” applies physical therapy and combines the Eastern and Western Medical theories to activate human’s “self-healing” power. Light of Life series product are also lower cost, no side effects and no-drug-eating. Light of Life is the most stable energy measured by Chinese and Japanese energy institution and it stably launches energy and has the highest emission rate. It is not affected by environment, no need to use electric power to heat up, just use human body temperature to arouse Light of Life. This invention is really a huge contribution to human being.

Award and Honors:
2006 Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs- Entrepreneur of the Year
2007 Golden Peak and Golden Torch Award of Outstanding Enterprise Initiators of the year in ROC
2009 Honor of International Inventor Prize
2009 Asia Outstanding Leading Entrepreneur Award and Golden State University-Doctor Degree Honoris Causa
2010 Noguchi Medical Research Institute in Japan“Certificate of Quality
2010 Lifetime Achievement Inventor Award
2011 13th Moscow International Salon of inventions and innovation technologies «Archimedes»-Gold Medal
2011 Corporate Academic and Technology Development Researches of the National Science Council with NCKU
2011 7th International Salon of Inventions and New Technologies- Gold Medal
2011 Inventeco International Invention Show-Gold Medal
2011 International American University- Doctor Degree Honoris Causa
2011 International Warsaw Invention Show-Gold Medal
2012 The 26th World Genius Convention - Golden Medal
More than the above is the health and vitality of the  «Light of Life Ge32 High Performance Health Energy Chip of Belt Awards»
2012 The 26th World Genius Convention- Silver Medal -  «SUPERSONIC PULVERIZING DEVICE»