Lobanov Viktor

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Lobanov Viktor Elected as the member of Ukrainian Academy of Sciense in December 30, 1999 on "Industry and Manufacturing" branch, academician Was born in town Suzun, Novosybirsk region in august 14, 1937 Lives in Kharkiv (from 1955) Russian, Ukraine citizen Graduated from Kharkiv polytechnical institute (1955...60), metallurgical faculty, engineer-mechanic Doctor of technical sciences (1989), professor (2001) Kharkiv plant named by Malyshev Ministry of industrial policy (from 1960 y. to this time), superior deputy of Central laboratory. Member of special doctoral council D 02.27.06 (Kharkiv, 1994...2001), D 64.050.10 (Kharkiv, from 2002) Basic areas of activity: Mechanical working and engineering physical metallurgy. Published: 292 scientific works also including the monographs: "Precision mechanical working of axisymmetrical forgings". Moscow, 1977. - 68 p.; "History of internal-combustion building on Kharkiv plant named by Malyshev 1911 - 2001". Kharkiv, 2001. - 480 p. Obtained 124 invention certificates. Laureate of State Ukraine in branches of engineering (1984). Honoured Ukraine inventor (1983). Lobanov V. 13.09.2006.