Lubchenko Anatoliy Petrovich

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Lubchenko Anatoliy Petrovich Elected as a member of Ukrainian Academy of Science in December, 1999 on "Industry and Production" branch, academician. Was born in November, 19, 1930; lives in Kharkov, Ukrainian, Ukraine citi­zen. Graduated from Kharkov polytechnical institute (1954), engineers-physical faculty, physics of metals. Doctor of technical sciences (1965), professor. State enterprise "Malyshev plant" (from 1954 till now), the chief of the Cen­tral laboratory of state. Professor of the chair of the metal technology and engineering physical met­allurgy in Kharkov national automobile university. Member of science council D 64.059.01 (Kharkov). Basic areas of scientific activity: theoretical and technological development of processes of cast irons and steels highly strength structures formation; researches in the field of creation and realization of particular structure - strained states in steels with martensite and bainite structures. Published more than 400 scientific works, including 70 author certificates, 3 monographs: "Ispolzovanije radioizotopnyh metodov v promyshlennosti", Moscow, 1975.- 158p; "Vysokoprochnyje chuguny", Moscow, 1982.- 120p; "Phractographija - sredstvo diagnostiki razrushennyh detalej", Moscow, 1987.- 187p. Awarded by Order of Lenin and medals; honoured with the title of Laureate of Ukraine State pries in field of science and technic (1984); Honoured Machine- builder of Ukraine (1980); rewarded by the title of Laureate of the Union Science prize by D. K. Chernov in the field of engineering physical metallurgy (1966). Trained 20 candidates of technical sciences.