Mamenko Oleksii Mykhaylovych

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Mamenko Oleksii Mykhaylovych - Head of Applied Ecology Department of Kharkiv State Zooveterinary Academy, Doctor of agricultural science (1993), corresponding member of Ukrainian Academy of Agricultural Science (1995), Professor (2001), Professor Emeritus of Kharkiv State Zooveterinary Academy (2006), member of the Ukrainian Academy of Science (2007), a scientist well- known both in Ukraine and abroad, leads research work related to determination of characteristics and mechanism of formation of productive properties of cattle and animal production manufacturing under extreme conditions, zone energy and resource saving environmentally safe systems and technologies, including that in biogeochemical provinces contaminated with heavy metals and radioactive nuclides. Graduated from Ukrainian Agricultural Academy (1968, zootechnician- researcher), worked at the chair (1968-1970), research station of beef cattle breeding (1971-1975) of Ukrainian Agricultural Academy, Head of Kyiv Laboratory of Research and Scientific Institute of Forest-steppe and Marshy woodlands of Ukrainian RSR (1976-1994), Academician-Secretary of Animal Husbandry Department of Ukrainian Academy of Agricultural Science (1995), Director of Animal Husbandry Institute of Academy of Agricultural Science (1996-1999), since 2000 up to date - Head of a Chair at Kharkiv State Zooveterinary Academy. From the first days after accident at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station - work directed at reducing the level of contamination of food products with radioactive nuclides, participation in the liquidation of consequences of the accident at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station, author and co-author of "Internal regulations for production engineering. Livestock farms - Internal regulations for production engineering - sanitary-design rules - 46.1.94", State Standard "Cow's unskimmed milk (requirements during purchase) DSTU 366-97", author (co-author) and Manager of national, state and regional research programs, in particular those related to transfer of innovations into the agricultural sector of economics and improvement of state administration for ecological safety of food. Published more than 300 scientific papers, including 23 books, monographs, and school-books (10), has 17 certificates of authorship for inventions and patents, prepared 4 Candidates and 6 Doctors of Science, worked as Editor-in-chief at several editions and as member of editorial staff at many specialized scientific editions, Chairman of Special Council for doctoral dissertations defense; awarded three medals, honourable title of Ukrainian Academy of Agricultural Science, his name was introduced into edition "Who is who in Ukraine" (1997; 2004; 2007).