Maniv Zinoviy Oleksiyovych

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Maniv Zinoviy Oleksiyovych, elected as an Academician of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences in 2001, in the department of economics. He was born on October 7, in 1930 (Ivano-Frankivsk region, Rozhnyativ district, village Vilkhivka); he is a citizen of Ukraine. Higher education: Lviv Polytechnical Institute (1955), chemistry-technological faculty, engineer-technologist; Candidate of economics sciences (1988), professor of Ivano-Frankivsk Institute of Law, Economics and Building, UAS (2001), Accredited Member of Ukrainian Academy of Architecture (2003). He was a foreman of a shop, chief engineer, a director of Kolomyia Plantmanaging building materials (1955-1972). A head of Kolomyia town Soviet (1972-1975). A head of regional plan committee of executive power of district (1975-1981); an assistant head of district executive (1981-1988), a chief of the main plan-economic administration of the executive power (1988-1992); a chief of economics management of district state administrator (1992-1993); a vice- president of regional agency of economics development (1993-1998). A head of faculty of economical theory; a dean of architecture-economic faculty, a pro-rector in educational work; a pro-rector in outer-economic connections; the first pro-rector in Ivano-Frankivsk Institute of Law, Economics and Building of UAS (1998-2006). An author (co-author) of more than 100 scientific works monographs, textbooks. He was awarded a badge "Outstanding Educator of Ukraine" (2002) a Gratitude of Educational Establishments of Ukraine (2003); an Honorary Diploma of Confederation non-state Higher educational establishments of Ukraine (2006).