Metelskiy Vladimir Petrovich

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Metelskiy Vladimir Petrovich elected as an academician ( an actual member) of UAS of the power engineering department in 2003. Date of birth : January, 28, 1940 (Omelyanovka station, Korostenskiy district, Zhytomirskiy region); Ukrainian, citizen of Ukraine. Higher education: electrical engineering faculty of Machine-building institute named after V.Y.Chubar (1962-1967), engineer-electrician, candidate of technical sciences (1979.), associated professor (1982), professor (2000). Honoured worker of education of Ukraine (2000). Dean of electrical engineering faculty of Zaporizhia national technical university, professor of electric machine department . Member of university scientific board , chairman of scientific board of electrical engineering faculty. Author of four monographs, in particular "Improvement of power transformer construction which feeds users of sharply removable loadings" (1999), "Electric machines and micro-machines" (2001), "Electric machines and micro- machines" (2000), (coauthor) the book "Design of thyristo electromechanics" (1980r.), (coauthor ) over 120 scientific works, certificates of copyrights on inventions, three patents introduced in production. Rewards: The honoured rank "The Honoured worker of education of Ukraine" (2000); the breastplate "The Honoured worker of education of Ukraine" (1998); Diploma of Ministry of education of Ukraine (1999r.); The golden medal "For an effective management" (2001). Hobby: volley-ball, tennis, theater.