Mikhail Petrovych Zhuravel

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Mikhail Petrovych Zhuravel - the corresponding member of Ukrainian Agricultural Academy from 2004 in the department of medical-biology and chemical science. He was born in 14th of October 1948. (village Lushnyki, Shostkivskiy district, Sumska region), Ukrainian, the citizens of Ukraine. He has got a high education. He studied at the Ukrainian Agrarian Academy (Kyiv), zootecnical faculty (1969-1974). He has got a profession - scientific zootecnician; the candidate of biology science (1984), a lecturer (1986). He works at the department of breeding and genetic domestic animals in the National Agrarian University. The general direction of scientifically and pedagogical work - the developing of theoretical basis and practical methods for rise of cryodefence and cryoresistence generative cells of fertilizer the main species of animals in the process of preserve sperm, using in this case the new chemical and physical methods influence on cells. He is the versed specialist in the sphere of the reproduction and the selection animals. Author and co-author of 80 scientifically works. The main directions - «Influence of drain sperm on its quality», «Change activity and survive sperm in the process of drain sperm», «Osmotic enabiosis during drain sperm», «Arrangement for lyophileo drying thermo sensitive biomaterials», «Using highly- dispersion silica in the habitats for freezing sperm», « Methods of cryoconservation sperm», « Influence hypercapny on the fertile ability of sperm». Author of students books - «The reproduction of agricultural animals» (1994), «The technology of reproduction agricultural animals» (2005), «Breeding of agricultural animals» (2005).