Molchanov Volodymyr Mykolayovich

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Molchanov Volodymyr Mykolayovich; Elected as a corresponding member of UAN in 1994 in Energy division. Was born on 01.08.1952 (Leningrad city), Kyiv city, Russian, Ukrainian citizen. The higher education, Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, electrical-energetical faculty, electrical engineer (1969-1975). Ukrainian scientific-technical electrical energetical association "ASELENERGO" - Director General. First Deputy of Director General of Ukrainian scientific-production association "Energoprogress" (1991- 1996), acting director of the Scientific-Research Institute of energy (1996), chief engineer of the State enterprise "Energoavtomatyka" (1997-2002). Chief-editor of scientific-technical analytical journal "Novyny Energetyki" (since 2003), member of scientific-technical council of Ukrainian Energy Committee. Has learned the organization principles and methods of maintenance and repairs of the alive aerial transmission lines, problems of protection of the distributive installations of electrical networks against ferroresonance modes, systems for diagnostics of energy equipment. Is the author (co-author) of over 60 scientific works, including "Management instructions on prediction of ferroresonance in distribution installations 110-500 kV with electro-magnetic voltage transformers and switches that contain capacitive potential divider" (1995), the chapter "Aerial transmission lines with voltage over 1 kV up to 750 kV" of the Rules for arrangements of electrical installations (2004), "Methodical instructions on inspection of metal and concrete gantries of open distribution installations with voltage 35-750 kV" (2006). The Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of science and techniques (1996). Enthusiasm for sports, fishing, historical literature.