Mr. Victor Kimakovych

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Mr. Victor Kimakovych - member of the Ucrainian Academy of Science (UAS) since 1997 of the Medicine Department; was born on September 24, 1956 (v. Voschanci, Sambir District, Lviv Region, Ukraine), The Ukrainian. Graduated from the Lviy State Medical Institut, Medical Fuculty (1973-79), the endocopist, the Doctor of Medical Science (1996), the Professor (2001). The Head of Endoscopy Department, the head physician of Lviv Clinical Diagnostic Centre (1995), the Chief of Health Department of Lviv Region State Administration (2002-2005), the Chief of Departnment of Endoscopy and Mininvasive Surgery of Danilo Halitskiy Lviv National Medical University (1998). The member of Special Science Counsil Д. 12.04.01 (Ternopil Medical University), the Chief-redactor of editorial Board of journal " Medical Practice", member of the Editorial Board of the journals "Hospital Surgery" and "Contemporary Gastroenterology". The main directions of the research are: endoscopic diagnosis of the precancerous lesions of digestive tract; ulcerogenesis; immunopathology of the digestive system. The author (co-author) of the 99 scientific and educational works. Main works: Kimakovich V., Kovalchuk L., Kovalchuk O. The organ blood flow in cases of precancerous gastroesophageal lesions. Ternopil. 2000. 280 p. Kimakovich V., Rachkevich S., Tumak I. The gastroduodenal bleeding in patients with heart pathology. Lviv, 2001, 112 p. Kimakovich V., Grubnik V., Melnichenko Yu., Tumak I. The diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy of digestive tract. Lviv, 2003 216 p. Kimakovich V., Gerych I., Kuzsh O. The Nobel Prize laureate in Medicine and Phisiology, Uzhorod, 2003. 420 p. Hobbies: literature, modern painting.