Ms Inna Pavlivna Paliy

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Ms Inna Pavlivna Paliy was elected a corresponding member of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences in 2001 and later in 2003 she became an Academician. Departments: industrial machinery production and business undertakings. She was born in 1949, 4th of August in the city of Gomel, Belarus; she has a Ukrainian citizenship. Higher education: the Kyiv Technological Institute of Light Industry, Faculty of Economics and Management of Manufacturing Consumer Goods, specialty – Engineer-Economist (1975). She is a Doctor of Philosophy in economics field and since 1995 she has been the rector of the Institute of the Industry Personnel Training, Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine. Since 1980, she has been as an Assistant of the Director, Education and Methodical Work at the Institute. She was elected as the Vice-President of Adult Continuous Education; a member of the Association of Business Women “Kyyanka”; the Vice-President Scientific Council of European Security Association (Krakow, Poland). She was involved in development work of the Ukrainian legislative project “About Adult Education” and belongs to section of scientific and methodological training problems, retraining and raising skills level of state office workers of scientific and methodological council at the Main Department of the Civil Service of Ukraine; a member of the section of the sectoral after-degree-work education at the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. She is an author of more than 45 scientific works, particularly: “State Management, State Service and Local Government”, monograph “Methodological Recommendations for Attestation of Industrial Managers and Specialists”, program of disciplines “Economics of Enterprises”, the study-book “Mathematics for Economists” etc. Awards: the Sign “Honored Person of Education of Ukraine”; Gratitude of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences “For Creative Achievements” ІІ grade; the Sign of State Service of Ukraine “For Diligent Work”. She was admitted as an Honored Education Worker of Ukraine.Hobbies: tourism, reading.