Nizhnik Leonid

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Nizhnik  Leonid; elected to be academician in Energy department of UAS in 2004. Born. 15.07.1935 (Maidanivka, Kyiv region); Ukr., citizen of Ukraine. High education, mech.and math. Faculty of Kyiv State University (1952-57), mathematician; PHD (1961), doctoral degree (1977), prof. (1986). Main scientist of Institute of Mathematics NAS of Ukraine. Supervised obtained 17 PHDs and 3 doctoral degrees. Author (coauthor) of over 150 scientific works, author of the following monographs: "The inverse nonstationary scattering problem" (1973), "Inverse scattering problems for hyperbolic equations" (1991), coathor of "Electromagnetic and heat processes in end parts of powerful turbo-generators: (research and calculations)"(1971), "Electrodynamic computations in electrical engineering" (1977). Received State Prize of Ukraine in science and technology (1987, 1998), Ostrogradsky Prize NAS of Ukraine (2006). Hobbies: chess, literature.