Platonov Vladimir

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Platonov Vladimir, became an academician of UAS in 1992 in the branch of physical education and sport. He was born in Kiev on the 28th of July 1941. He is Ukrainian citizen. He graduated from the Kiev's State Institute of Physical Culture, the coach faculty, in the speciality of physical culture and sport (1958-1962). He got his Doctor of Pedagogical degree in 1979 and became a professor in 1980. From 1969 until 1975 he was a teacher, a senior lecturer, a reader Kiev's State Institute of National Economy. He head the department of swimming at Kiev's State Institute Of Physical Culture (1975- 1977) and then became a pro-rector of scientific work and the head of department of sports theory in the Kiev's State Institute of Physical Culture (1977-1986). He became the rector of the National University of Physical Education and Sport of Ukraine (from 1986 until now). He is the Honoured worker of science and techniques of Ukraine (2000), a Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of science and techniques (1999); a Laureate of the Prize of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences (2003). He is an author for over 400 scientific works in theory and methods of preparation of the high- end sportsman, adaptation of human being to the extreme conditions of environment, particularly manuals, monographs, encyclopedic publications: La preparacion fisica (1992 sp.); the preparation methods of the strongest swimmers of the world (1992 jap); Trening w roznych warunkuch geoklimaticznych і pogodowych ( 1996-pol.); The general theory of preparation of sportsmen in Olympic sport (1997); Olympic sport: 2 volumes (1994, 1997); Professional sport (2000); the Swimming (2000); The preparation system of sportsmen in Olympic sport (2004, 2005); Encyclopaedia of Olympic sport in the 5 volumes (editorship) (2004); Encyclopaedia of Olympic sport of Ukraine (2005) (editorship). For significant private tribute in development of International Olympic movement he was rewarded by the International Olympic committee with Olympic order in 2001. He has got state rewards: order "Sign of Honour" (1982); medal for labour valour (1988); medal for "Long-term conscientious work" (1990); order for "Services" III degree (1997); golden medal of International regular academy "For services in education" (2003); diploma of Supreme Rada of Ukraine (2005), Yaroslav the Wise's order of 5 degree (2006). Hobby: billiard.