Ryabbets Volodymyr Ivanovich

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Ryabbets Volodymyr Ivanovich was selected as an academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences in 1999 in the industrial - manufacturing department of machinebuilding and enterprising. Born on the 26th of October 1953 (village Kozyn, Myronivka district, Kyiv region), citizen of Ukraine. Higher education, National Agrarian University, mechanizing department, an engineer-lecturer of agricultural subjects (1975-1980); Degree of Pedagogical Sciences (1999). Agritechnical college of Tarashcha named after the Hero of the Soviet Union Shevchenko О. O. , director. The lecturer, paid chairman of the trade union, the secretary of the party committee, the vice-director (1980-1985). An instructor, the chief of the organizing department, the First Secretary of the district committee of the party (1985-1991) The lecturer, the head of the mechanizing departament, the director of the college (1991-2006). The Peoples Deputy during the three convocations of the Kyiv Region Rada (1990-2006). The author of two educational books and fourteen scientific works; such as "Forming of the students' activity while studying"(1998). "The Principles of the Scientific Research" (1999). The wide range of the scientific work are taken by the experiments of the innovation studying technologie. The constant participant of the International Exhibitions "The Modern Education in Ukraine." After the results of the expert opinion for the represented more than 20 working out the agritechnical college of Tarashcha was awarded with the bronze medal of the Exhibition (2004). The Perfect Teacher of the Education of Ukraine, the Laureate of the honour award St. Sophia (2003), Gold Platon medal (2005), Medals, awards.