Sе Kay Sin

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Sе Kay Sin - academician of UAS from 1997 medikal-biological and chemistry department. Date of birth 1.01.1949 (Shanghai, China), Chinese, citizen of Ukraine. High Education. Hubgey University, Chudgui medical institute (1979 - 1983), acupuncture, phitotherapy, cvaleotharapy. The head of the Ukrainian Institute of the Easten Medisine under the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. Director. China health centers and hospitals (1983-1989). Doctor of the first city hospital (Cherkasy, 1990-1994), doctor of Kiev institute of experimental and clinical medicine (1994-1997). Cief of untraditional medicine clinic under the aiges of Ukrainian Fond of Charity (1997-2002). The head of Ukrainian institute of Easten medicin under the academy of science ( sinse 2002). Combining such methods as acupuncture, phytoterapy and cvaleoterapiy in treatment. Impruvment of theses methods gives perfect results in treatment a lot of disease: heart disease, gastro-intestinal, hepatic and kindneys disease, initial stage of diabetes, prostatist, violation of metabolism, violation of vertebral colum, after-effects of infarct and apoplectic stroke, fibroma, infertility. More than 500 children born in families with infertility. Passion for: music, literature.