Semydots'ka Zhanna Dmytrivna

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Semydots'ka Zhanna Dmytrivna was awarded an academician of UAN (the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences) in 2004 on the Department of Medico-biological and Chemical Sciences, active (full) member of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. Born on January 7, 1937 (Kharkov), Russian, citizen of Ukraine. Higher education: Therapeutic Faculty of Kharkov Medical Institute (1954-1960), physician, M.D.(1981), Professor (1983), Honored worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine (2001), Honored Professor of Kharkov State Medical University (KhDMU) (2005), since 1982 - Head of the Internal Medicine Propedeutics Department №2 at Kharkov State Medical University. Member of the Worldwide and European Association of nephrologists, member of the Presidium of Physicians' Union Of Ukraine, member of the Presidium of Nephrologists' Association of Ukraine, member of the Russian Dialysis Society. Head of Kharkov Nephrological School, one of the leading schools of Ukraine. Founder of such science schools as acid-base metabolism and tubular dysfunctions in glomerulonephritis and diabetic nephropathies; prevention and prediction modeling of nephropathies of pregnant women; methods of glomerulonephritis treatment; diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation of kidney inflammation in early and late ontogenesis; impact of the infection on the run of nephritis; metabolic imbalance in inflammatory diseases of kidneys and chronic kidney disease; cytonic model of the advance of chronic kidney diseases. Author of 340 scientific works; among those, there are 4 monographs, 9 tutorials, Coauthor of a tutorial on nephrology, a text book on internal diseases, 12 certificates of authorship, 4 patents. She supervised the defense of 27 Ph.D. theses, 2 doctoral dissertation (theses), 10 Master's theses.