Shamilov Volodymyr Ivanovych

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Shamilov Volodymyr Ivanovych , an elected  academician of the Ukrainan Academy of Sciences  in 1998 in the field of economic sciences,  born  on 25.06.1954  in the city of Zaporizhia, Russian, a citizen of Ukraine. Education-higher education, graduated from Zaporizhia Industrial Institute (1971-76), Dipl. engineer – metallurgist, Candidate of Economic Sciences (1998). President of Zaporizhia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (from 1998 up to now ), Member of Presidium of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine ( from 1999), Deputy of the Regional Soviet of two convocations (2002 and 2006), Chairman of the Permanent Commission of the Regional Soviet on issues of economy, industrial policy and investments. Participated in development and implementation of the program of regional economic development, promotion of stable entrepreneurship growth, increasing of its importmace in social life, civilized competition of legal entities under conditions of integration of Ukraine into the World Trade Organization  and European Community. Author of publications:«System management implementation in local goverment administration»(2005), «Implementation concept development of SME system management», «Development of adaptation methods of international management standards for small enterprises», «Project of methods and implementation of quality management systems in local goverment administration» (2006). Was awarded with the Certificate of Merit of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (2004) and the Order of the Venerable Nestor–chronographer (2004). Hobby: painting , music.