Shyian Bogdan Mykhailovich

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Shyian Bogdan Mykhailovich, became an academician of UAS in 2004 in the branch of physical education and sport; born in 1934 (village of Porshna, Pustomyty district, Lviv region), citizen of Ukraine; obtained higher education of physical culture and sport at the faculty of Pedagogic of L'viv State Institute of Physical Culture and Sport in 1958; (since 1997) doctor of pedagogical sciences; professor, chairman of department of theoretical basis and methods of physical education of Ternopil' State Pedagogical University named after V. Gnatyuk. He worked in specialized academic councils in Volyn' State University of Physical Culture, Ternopil' State Pedagogical University named after V.Gnatyuk; expert in Higher attestation board of Ukraine (2004); member of scientific-methodological committee of Ministry of family, youth and sport (since 2003). He deals with the problems of research of physical education, preparation of pedagogical staff in the sphere of physical education; author above 150 scientific works, besides them 4 monographs, 7 scientific text-books of theory and methods of physical education, among them the text-book " Theory and methods of physical education of schoolchildren" in 2 volumes (2001); Merited worker of physical culture and sport; honoured educator; decorated with medals of A/S/Makarenka. Favourite pastime: folk-lore.