Sjatinja Mihajlo Lukich

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Sjatinja Mihajlo Lukich - member of UAN in the Department of Medical and Biochemical Sciences, was born in 1957.08.16 (Sinevir, Zakarpatska obl.), Ukrainian, citizen of Ukraine. High educational degree: National Medical University of Lviv, pharmaceutical branch of study. After finishing the institute, he worked for many different pharmaceutical companies in the apothecial lines of Kiev. He successfully puts together the practical work with the scientific functions. In 1992 he organized one of the firsts Ukrainian section, which was in cooperation with a foreign company, “Richter Gedeon Rt – Ukrfarm”, which in those medical crisis conditions was an essential step of solving the problems of loss of supplies for the Ukrainian people. In 1997 he took his candidate doctor’s degree with the topic: “Optimization of medication supplies for the Ukrainian people in the new economical conditions”. The circle of interests of Sjatinja M.L. is very wide: medicine marketing, pharmacoeconomical study of the problems connected with medical supplies, organizing quality of the drugs. Sjatinja M.L. was a National Deputy of the Parliament (2002-2006). Head of the Sub-Committee of supplying pharmaceutical functions with law subjects. In 2004 he took his doctor’s degree: “Theoretical and organizational-technological bases of medical supply in the conditions of reforming pharmaceutical section”. Now he is the head of medical technologies section at the National Medical University im.O.O.Bogomolcya. Author of over 30 scientific works. Major works: monograph “Pharmaceutical question of Ukraine: past, present, future”, 1998… His knowledge about international management are always a concurrent to foreign pharmaceutical companies.