Skala Fedor Trohimovich

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Skala Fedor Trohimovich was born on September, 27, 1934 in the Odessa region. Graduated from  the Kiev polytechnic institute, speciality «Electrification of industrial enterprises». For more then 40 years was working on building of electric systems of Uzbekistan, Ukraine and Russia, took part in building of 5 electric power-stations on which 21 inventions and a number of rational appeals were reduced to practice. On Fedor Trohimovich’s  initiative new protectors for manufacturing equipment and new building materials were reduced to practice. For a great contribution to development of the native power engineering, he was awarded 3 labour medals, 4 diplomas of the Ministry and the insignia “Electric power-building honours”. From 1966 her is attended to appliance of new plants – amaranth, in agricultural production and processing industry. Under his guidance the technical terms “Amaranth corn”, “Amaranth food toster”, “Amaranth toster’s powder”, “Amaranth oil” were developed and pioneered. Presently the biologically active products been received from the amaranth offals are being clinically studied.